Evening Couples Hand & Foot

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This event finished on 03 April 2020

Welcome to Connections Couples Hand and Foot

November 2019 through April 2020


Hand and Foot is played the 1st Friday of each month (November through April) starting at 6:30 pm.

Four couples are assigned to each rotation group.  The Host Couple will contact the three couples assigned to their home to remind them of the date and give directions to their home.  Light snacks and refreshments should be served.

If you cannot play on the designated date, it is up to you to get your own sub.  You will need to call the hostess and give her the name(s) of the sub couple.  Although Hand & Foot can be played at one table with three couples, every effort should be made to get a couple from the sub list.

In the event the Host Couple has a problem with the assigned date, they need to work out an alternate date that is agreeable with the other three couples.

Five decks of cards per table will be provided to the Host Couple along with the rules, score sheets and pencils by the “Card Carrier” assigned for that group.

Each couple will contribute $1.00.  At the end of the game, the money will be awarded as follows:

Highest Score:  $2.00;  Second Highest:  $1.25;  Third Highest:  $ .75

We hope you will enjoy the upcoming six months of getting acquainted with each other for an evening of Hand and Foot.  It’s a great game, so have fun!!

If you have suggestions or questions, please call:

Eleanor O’Brien, Chair                      Bev Ash, Co-Chair

623-584-0987                                   623-518-9883